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The Keystone Oil Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline: Is it all just a big Lie?

      We the people are being sold a bill of goods that are anything, but good for planet earth or us!

       The proposed Keystone pipeline running from the tar sands in Alberta Canada to the gulf coast oil refineries here in the United States will, we are promised, increase domestic production of gasoline, help to stabilize wildly erratic and upward fluctuations of prices at the pump, and reduce the amount of expensive Arab oil that we now purchase for our own domestic use.  Really?  I suspect a far different discussion is taking place behind the closed doors of the oil interests that are behind the Keystone pipeline.  Remember, these are the same people who claim that the reason for our incredible summer price hikes at the pump is because these refineries just can’t meet increased production demand. But now all of the sudden they can handle millions of extra barrels of oil that will become available because of this pipeline.  Why the change of story?

     The South American economies are booming and showing no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future.  And the one area that they are in desperate need to fill to keep their economies growing is in the energy department.  And with deep water ports on either side of their continent that are just a fairly quick oil tanker ride away from the Gulf States in the United States this leaves me highly skeptical of the purported benefits that most North Americans or Canadians would share in.  My guess is that if anyone were to look more closely into this they would find that there is a quiet push in the permitting process of both North and South American ports to be able to handle large oil tankers for the eventual import and export of tar sands oil.

     And in the end, after the completion of the pipeline, I believe it would do absolutely nothing to stabilize gas prices or cut the amount of oil that we purchase from Arab countries.  All this pipeline would do is help to line the greedy pockets of big oil and leave most Americans, and Canadians, sharing all of the environmental hardships and dangers.  If they really wanted to stabilize petroleum prices in North America and decrease Arab influence why not just build new refineries in Canada near the tar sands?  Think about it!



Occupy Wall Street (Part 3)

A Real Estate Agents Perspective!



     I get really irritated whenever I hear a member of our government who is a so called financial expert claim that no one saw the financial meltdown of the housing market coming.  I was a Real Estate Agent from 2000 to almost 2005 and we all, agents, brokers, and loan officers alike, knew what was eventually coming.  It doesn’t take a financial genius to figure out that you just don’t sell $450,000 homes to people who could really only afford $225,000 homes at impossibly low adjustable rate mortgages of three and a half percent that would nearly double or triple over three to five years and expect everything to be just  hunky dory.  Quite simply, the government financial advisors who state that they didn’t see this coming are either outright liars or the most incompetent stupid financial idiots that ever walked the face of this planet.  And since we know they aren’t that stupid that only leaves the first choice above.

     And then for our government to have been complacent and allowed big banks and Wall Street to develop and implement a ponzi scheme insurance racket called derivatives that intentionally sucked the middle class dry was nothing less then securities fraud.  And finally, to have the gall to use tax payer money to bail banks out and not let them go bankrupt as payment for their misguided greed was utter and complete government mismanagement.  And with all that said, now four years later, not one person has been indicted and gone to jail for this treasonous crime against the United States.  Instead, they got bonuses.  Who says crime doesn’t pay!

     If this had been any average middle class American he or she would have never seen the light of day ever again.  Is it any wonder that the tea party or the occupy Wall Street movement are outraged.  This country, I’m sorry to say, is broken.  And as citizens of this once great country it is our duty to fix it.  Only elect politicians who do not use corporate campaign contributions and move as much money as you can out of large financial institutions and into small community run banks or credit unions.  They say that small businesses are the backbone of America, so let’s make them to big to fail!



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