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     I was born in Chicago, IL in the month of October, 1956.  At about the age of three and a half my dad accepted a job in Montgomery County, MD where I lived for almost thirty one years.  This is also where I would graduate from Colonel Zadock Magruder H.S. in 1975 to be precise.   I have also lived for a number of years in Winchester, VA as well as a number of summers in Lake George, NY before landing in Western Washington for the past fifteen years.  When I lived in Winchester I also did a one semester stint at Shenandoah University.

     My working life has been quite varied.  I like to say that I have done every position that you can do in a restaurant except own it.  Well I’m still in my fifties so who knows I might make it to that someday also.  I’ve worked in the stock room of a hospital, as a monitor tech watching heart rhythms also at the same hospital, a counselor in a group home for developmentally disabled adult men, and as a unit clerk in an evaluation and treatment center for mental health.  Unfortunately, the unit clerk job, which was my last job, as well as the whole treatment center where I worked, was eliminated due to state budget cuts.  I think they call that a plant closer something that is happening a lot lately everywhere.

     My volunteer life started fairly early when I would assist students on field trips who had a wide variety of mental issues at the school where my mother was an aide.  I was the house manager for a year at the Roundhouse Theatre in Rockville, Maryland and logged nearly fifteen hundred hours at WAIF or Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation on Whidbey Island Washington.

     As you might have guessed, after so many hours of volunteering for an organization that cares for homeless pets, I am an animal lover and supporter.  I have had cats pretty much my whole life.  I would have had dogs as well but dogs require a lot more time and care that I quite often don’t have.  With cats you can make sure that their litter box is changed, cat food bowl is full of kibble, and the water dish brimming to the top with fresh water, and you can leave them while you’re away on short trips.  But make no mistake I love them all dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, elephants, equally.

       My health is really good except for one small issue, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Otherwise, I hardly ever get sick at all, with the exception of the very rare cold and allergies to trees and weed pollen during the spring season.  I guess I got pretty good genes with possibly one exception.

     I love to write when I can get passed Mr. Procrastination.  And this is one reason why I decided to write a blog, it forces me to write on a regular basis.  I also have written a book about killer whales entitled, Visus.  I have tried mightily to get this book published but to no avail.  It seems that most publishers feel that it is to short too spend the time, energy, and resources that are required to bring a book of this nature to market.  I am currently planning to bring an eBook version out in the electronic market very soon.  Stay tuned.

     Well that is a little bit about me and it’s also probably pretty clear where my interests lye just by reading my blogs.  Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to get to know me a bit.  And I love questions, please feel free to email me if you have one that you would like answered.

     Peace, and love to all!


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13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christine Ro on said:

    I absolutley love your blog and I hope you get one of your books published! You seem like a really great guy and you are very hilarious.

    • Thanks Christine! I’m glad you like my writing and I also hope that one day my book will be published. However, for the moment I’ve kind of given up on getting a publisher for my book, VISUS, and now am looking at publishing it myself as an ebook. I hope you take some time and read a few more of my blogs as many are environmental in nature.

      • christine ro on said:

        Oh thats too bad. I will definently read more of your stuff! I just read the one about LL cool J. Very funny!! ❤

  2. Linda Soroel on said:

    This blog is great and I check daily to see if you have posted anything new. Keep writing Bill! I also rescue cats! I have 7.

  3. Justine phillips on said:

    Wow you are so similar to me! I also have Multiple Sclerosis and have worked as a unit clerk!
    I love your blog!!

    • Well I certainly wish that neither of us had MS. It’s a real drag onmy life. God and I are going to have a very long discussion about it when I get home. I’ll lose that discussion but I’ll feel better getting off my chest. Thanks for the support.

  4. Wow, sounds like you’ve had a very interesting life. 🙂 I thought I would stop by and check out your blog, after all, anyone who is a fan of Buffy must be a pretty cool guy!

    • There are not to many shows where I can honestly say that I did not miss one episode, but I can say that about Buffy. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. My one and only complaint was that Joss Whedon created this incredible character in Dawn who was the key to all universes and all he could think to do with her until the very end of the series was have her run around screaming for help. Heck, he could have created a whole other show just on her alone.

  5. I wish you much success in self-publishing your e-book. The power is in your hands, now, my friend. Do the work and make it happen! 🙂

    (BTW- I totally get what you’re saying about cats. I have…ummm….let’s say more than one and what they give to me is way more than what I could ever give to them.)

    • Thank you for the support. I’m not quite ready yet for the leap to self publish as I want to make sure that I have done everything I can to make it a success first. However, it will be soon!

  6. Hi there, just wanted to stop by to say thanks so much for liking our recent post on bungy jumping in Japan! Much appreciated. All the very best with your writing ventures 🙂

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