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THE LIGHT BETWEEN US by Laura Lynne Jackson

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By Laura Lynne Jackson

     I’ve read countless books concerning the paranormal, and in this case psychic mediums, and I don’t think any book has grabbed my attention so completely as Laura Lynne Jackson’s, The Light Between Us! Her style of writing grabs you and takes you right between the lines in a way that makes you feel as if you are having the psychic experience right along with her. In fact, and in a strange sort of way, it seems to awaken your own psychic abilities making her journey all that much more personal to you as well. The only other way that I can explain it, is if you’ve ever had any psychic experiences that are even remotely close to the ones she experienced in her life, they suddenly become alive and more relevant from your own past memories bringing new light and understanding to you, as your reading her words.

     In my case, I had many psychic experiences as a child but as I got older these brushes with another dimension became fewer and much farther apart to the point where now they are just a rare flash of knowing from out of the universal core. However I did learn something that I had never considered until I read one line that Laura wrote: “The best way to turn your psychic abilities on is to first learn how to turn your own ego off!”

     I strongly recommend reading this book if you have even a fleeting interest in the field of the paranormal. And remember; leave your ego at the front cover! 

By Bill Walker

Orcas and Coal Don’t Mix

The San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea

The San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea

     Our Salish Sea resident Orcas J, K, and L pods, are in trouble and humans are primarily the problem. The environment in which they share with us is under attack from an increasingly warming and acidic mixture of PCB’s and other highly toxic chemicals that are more than likely playing havoc with our whales reproductive systems. Add to this the destruction of Salmon habitat, our whale’s favorite food, and you have created a recipe of extinction for our local Killer Whales in the near future. The only chance for their continued survival is if we humans who care about them become their voices in issues that most certainly put them in further danger.

     How, I ask, can we seriously consider building a deep water port and coal export facility at Cherry Point that will ultimately only add to the acidity of the worlds oceans as well as further degrade the waters of our inland sea that takes decades to flush itself of impurities under even the best of conditions? And how can we ask our Dolphin residents and other ocean living wildlife here to try and dodge hundreds more super sized cargo vessels when that task is already a detriment to them at current levels?

     When people ask me if I cherish the lives of our resident Orca’s over the addition of a couple of hundred climate destroying jobs? My answer is similar to one given by a former Vice Presidential Candidate, “You Betchya!”




My name is Bill Walker and I have just recently published my very first novel about a pod of Orcas traveling up the North American Pacific Coast to a place that they know of as Great Schools of Fish.

Follow Visus as he follows The Silent Calling to the Ocean that holds all Oceans in a spiritual adventure about nature and what life is all about. If you read and liked Richard Bach’s, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I’m sure that this new book will not disappoint. Kindle and eReader price .99 cents!

My Theory of Everything

     100_0419As we consider the universe, the multi verse, and things such as string theory, dark matter, and a big bang one starts to consider just how complex eternity really is when trying to understand it all as a whole. But I ask, are we really just deceiving ourselves when considering this enormity when really everything we know, think, and feel are actually just two different platforms working together simultaneously to create everything that exists? In short, are we humans trying to complicate something that really isn’t all that complicated in the first place?

     The way I see the universe is first being made up of a consciousness element that many consider to be the God element. This consciousness platform is where all creative knowledge is created but without the second platform, the energy element, there would be no blackboard on which to bring form to conscious thought where it can take the shape that we call reality. And if you believe this then you can start to see that every time you think in a contemplative and creative way, which is always what you’re doing, you are adding your creative energy to an ever changing and evolving universe where there truly is no end and no beginning. And what of time, you may ask? Time is an illusion created by the layering of creations/consciousness’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions, or otherwise referred to as the Hall of Records or Akashic Record.

     Even the Bibles Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost fit in with my explanation of everything. The Father God represents consciousness at its purest. The Son represents the creation in the physical of God himself, Jesus, into the physical or energy universe that we humans perceive throughout our lives. And The Holy Ghost represents all thought and emotion as it layers a never ending spiritual creative pathway back to the ultimate creator God. It is a triad that represents the circle of what we call life.

     And finally, is there a real heaven? Of course there is, Heaven is the seat of all consciousness but you will never be able to prove that Heaven exists on the physical energy level. You simply cannot prove something that doesn’t exist in that field. The only way to prove Heaven’s existence is through Faith. And to do that you only need to accept the reality of your own soul which will always be your connection back to consciousness state of God!

Bill Walker

Dewey the Feline Librarian

     In 2008 there were two great books published about cats, Making Rounds with Oscar, by David Dosa, M.D., which I wrote about previously as a blog and Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World, by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter.  If you love true stories about cats, and how incredible these four legged mind and emotion readers can be, then read these very fine books. 

     Without ruining Dewey’s story the book opens with Dewey being put in a library drop off slot on a night where the temperature was twenty below zero.  I suspect that who ever put him there may have actually thought that the library slot, which was attached to the library, was a warm safe place for a kitten to be until someone could find him.  As we learn very quickly this is far from the truth but Dewey survives this ordeal to become an international legend in the small town in Iowa where all of this takes place.

     If you haven’t read the book yet I won’t spoil it by revealing any more about it other then to say it follows Dewey and one of the people who takes care of him over a period of time as each faces life’s constant ups and downs.  And how each learns to lean on the love and promise of the other to face some of life’s more challenging moments.  And along the way everyone who comes into contact with them is forever changed because of it.  The story quite simply shows how spirit can triumph over all obstacles if you just believe and give it a chance.

     The book is pretty short, a mere 277 pages, but it is so well written that you feel as if you experienced the story first hand.  And I recently heard, I don’t know if it’s true or not, that someone in Hollywood wants to make the book into a film.  After you read about what Dewey accomplished and how he empathically was able to read the humans that constantly surrounded him.  You begin to wonder how any director could ever find another cat that could recreate Dewey’s experience and life.  All of our pets are smart but Dewey was a special breed who knew exactly what his roll in his world of that library was.  Dewey had his own magic of empathy that was perfectly suited to his surroundings.

      I suspect that all cats and dogs are empathic by nature perhaps that’s something developed as a survival skill that many humans have lost.  But it also makes me wonder if people who are empathic might not be able to learn quite a bit about handling their own abilities by just focusing in on our domesticated friends and sensing how they deal with their abilities. 

     You can draw your own conclusions but the book is definitely worth the time to sit and read.  And who knows, you might learn something about yourself as well?  I did! 



I thought that a cat report would be good for All Hallows Day!

Happy Halloween

Angel of Death?


Sunset reflected off of a cloud bank

Story and Photo by: Bill Walker

About a year ago my Grandparents came to me in a dream. In the dream, I answered the door and they both were standing there holding suitcases and told me that they had come to stay for awhile. These two Grandparents had passed when I was very young. Several weeks later my Aunt, their daughter, passed away unexpectedly. I know this is a common experience for many people as well as, an unexpected one, for many who do not believe in a psychic universe.

About four months after this, I had a second encounter/dream that was quite different but which had almost the exact same outcome. In this dream, I felt an energy moving down a hall towards a door that I did not want it to open passing another door that I knew it wouldn’t try to open because that room was empty. I could not see this entity, but I surely knew that it was their. It was very overwelming in it’s essence to say the very least. I also knew that someone was in that room that I wanted to shield from this entity. I wasn’t sure what to do so I yelled at it with all my might, except my yell felt more like a stream of pure energy as it came out of me. I knew that this entity was so incredibly, energy enriched, that I doubted it would even notice my energy stream.

Almost immediately, after my stream made contact with this energy, it was amplified a thousand times and returned in my direction knocking me spiritually off balance. I was certainly no match for its energy. I did, however, succed in getting its attention. In an instant it was all around me literally pushing in on me from every direction until I felt like I was in a cocoon without any means of escape.

In just a moment, I heard, or perhaps felt, it communicate the following to me, “You are not the one!”

This entity quickly moved off and away from me. I tried to follow it to see if I could learn anything more about it, but it was far to quick. And then I woke up.


Three weeks after this strange encounter/dream my Uncle passed away. The same Uncle that had been married to my Aunt who had passed a few months earlier. Was this the reason that I knew that the entity wouldn’t even try to enter the empty room that it passed by, because it had already been in that room before?

Guides R-US, and Empaths

     I had a dream a couple of years back, and in this dream I was driving  in my car when I came upon a piece of land that was for sale.  I felt instantly drawn to this land so I turned onto the dirt and gravel driveway that led up a gentle slopping hill.  As I slowly ascended this hill I noticed a small patch of trees about midway up and off to my right.  When I was almost to the top I stopped the car and got out to take a look around.


     I had this strange and uncanny feeling that the land and I were one even though I had never seen this land before and I also found myself drawn to that small patch of trees just below me.  After a few moments of gazing at that spot I decided to get my camera out of my car and take a picture of that patch of trees that seemed to hold me in some kind of hypnotic trance.  After snapping my picture I decided to take another one but this time I wanted to walk down and into the tiny grove of trees, which I did, and then turn around and take a picture looking back up the hillside.  It was at this point that I had a sudden realization that I was, and this is kind of hard to explain, about to take a picture from inside of the first picture which I had somehow entered.  And right after I took the picture I was aware of a shift in everything around me, it was like, not only standing in a three dimensional picture, I was suddenly part of a four dimensional living scene.


     By now you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with guides and why I know that I am a guide when I’m in spirit and not living in the physical realm.  But first I have a question for anyone who has read this far.  When we are living our lives here in the two and three dimensional world of what we call our physical reality, wouldn’t it also make sense that we would experience life from the other side of the coin, or fence, or in my case in this dream, from both the upper part of the hill, as well as the lower part?


     As beings of both the physical and spirit the only way we could possibly experience life in a four dimensional world would be if we were all also guides when we’re not on the three dimensional physical plane.  To put this another way, to be a guide at the next level is where you get to see a more complete picture of what life, love, struggle, and sacrifice, is all about.  And I am certainly not implying here that guides are seeing the whole picture.  I would imagine that only God can see and comprehend all of that.  And we’re not even close.  But this is where we truly get to see how hard the decisions in life are because when we’re guides we can see what a living physical person can not.  We are aware of both the good and the bad possibilities and situations that may lie ahead depending on a thousand different outcomes.  And this also helps us when we reincarnate into the next life experience.  I guess the best way to say it, is that it is like living in a constantly changing loop where you are always making adjustments while improving your own soul as well as all of those souls that travel with you.


     I do remember, even if it is a bit foggy, being a guide with all of the frustration, and ultimately, acceptance, that comes with knowing, as well as learning, that you did the best you could to help those spirits that you love while they are here in the physical.  I remember it every time that I feel my guides trying to give me advice as to how to handle a difficult situation or even as they whisper thoughts to me as I write this to try and make it understandable.  The only difference now is that I’m on the physical life side of the loop where I can only see the first picture and not much of the second one.


     I can tell you right now that if you think your life is difficult here in the physical, being a guide is several times harder, and much more complex, then anything the physical can ever throw at you.  And personally I like the challenge of being a guide far more than I like life on the earth plane.  But I also really appreciated it when those that I was guiding showed me that they loved me by accepting my advice and help when I whispered my thoughts and suggestions into their souls.


     Finally, for those of you that find it hard to deal with life as an empathic person, I want you to think very hard about what you just read.  I would imagine that you brought some of that guiding energy with you into this lifetime.  And it’s probably very confusing to be able to see at least part of that four dimensional picture while your living your life in a three dimensional world.  But you wouldn’t have brought it with you if you weren’t ready.  Maybe you’re the ones leading the way towards a great shift in consciousness by closing that loop I spoke of into eternal life?


     I have faith in all of you.  You can handle this, lead the way!

Oscar, The Feline Empath


      A couple of years ago I read  a book about this most amazing cat, “Oscar” and his ability to know when death is about to collect a patient in a hospice in Rhode Island. The title, Making Rounds With Oscar, by David Dosa, M.D.

     It seems that Oscar is able to sense, within twenty four hours, when an Alzheimer’s patient is about to pass over. And the doctor, David Dosa, sets out to try and find out how Oscar comes by this knowledge. In the end, and this won’t ruin the book for anyone, he decides that it is through smell that Oscar comes by this gift, however, this is only his guess.

     After reading the book I am more interested in knowing why Oscar does this then how? Think about the intelligence that must go into this feat of incredible love and understanding being exhibited by a cat, and no disrespect is meant to cats.  As a cat person I do not want to down play what a cat feels, but in this case Oscar sits with each dying patient in his or her last hours of life sharing with them one of the cruelest ways to pass, and somehow Oscar seems to know and feel empathy for them in advance not wanting them to die alone.

     It just makes me wonder if Oscar might have lived a previous life where there was no one with him who cared about him in the end? And now he has made it his life’s calling to see at least a handful of souls all the way threw the process and perhaps even waits with them until an angel comes to take them home?

     I encourage anyone who is an empath, or otherwise, to read this extraordinary story. It is a gift for all to experience! 

Bill Walker

God Consciousness and The Great Spirit


     I have read many views about spirit and how we are somehow separate from the one source (God). I have a hard time with this way of viewing our existence. We are not individual spirits separated from the one spirit, we are the spirit that floats inside of God.  I look at our existence like we are the neurons that flow freely around, and inside, the mind of this great creator. We are Gods thoughts and not the thoughts of God that float freely outside in an unrelated universe. And yes, as we grow, and learn, and experience, so does this ultimate creator. We are all one, on different paths, within the same mind, or thought, occupying the same spacial universe.


     We are always allowed to make the same mistake over, and over, again, and again, until we find the answer that best suits are needs before we move on to the next challenge. We are only held accountable when we try to alter someone else’s path in a way, or manner, that is not conducive to the path that they are experiencing. In other words, when we try to change, or control, their freedom of will we have stepped beyond what consciousness has permitted on a social level. And even then, we are always forgiven, because the pathways that we travel on are such that we will eventually see, or find, truth. In the end, spirit truth can not be escaped, no matter how hard one might try to ignore it.


     Everything, at least as far as I’m concerned, light and dark as well, is present inside this great expanse that we know by many names, but which all make up one great and magnificent spirit. And we are that spirit, it is our vessel to create within, for-ever-more!


     And we should never fear this creation that we are helping to expand, this universe is all of ours to share equally!

     Love, light, and peace.

Empathic Consciousness


     If I am a true empathic spirit, then a fair amount of that empathy goes towards all of you who share this community of shared consciousness.  It hurts me to read about all of the guilt being heaped on many of you by family, friends, as well as religious naysayers that have absolutely no room to talk.  We were all blessed with an incredible range of spiritual experiences here on this Earth by the hand of a spectacular universe that believed that we had attained a level of understanding to be able to deal with a reality that many others are just not ready to accept or explore.  You may be confused by the things that happen to you but you should also be very proud of the level you have achieved and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. 


     There is an awakening that is already taking place all around us and this awakening will continue to accelerate as humanity moves forward.  And I truly believe that we are the chosen ones that will lead and teach about a new frontier of spiritual evolution to our own human race.  The abilities that you have are not some grand mistake or misunderstanding of universal proportions.  God meant for you to have these gifts because God knew that you were ready for them.  And the realm that is just starting to open up to our race needs people who can face it with courage, empathy, and love, and I know for certain that every single one of you reading this has these qualities.  It was no mistake that we found this site, and then each other, as we explore this fantastic new place that few if any humans have traveled before us.  But over coming spiritual bigotry is not our only challenge.


     As we walk this path many of you already know that it is not a piece of cake to be taken lightly.  There are many of us who have already faced a dark energy, and if you haven’t yet, eventually you probably will.  These dark energies are a part of our education as they exist in both our physical daily lives as well as our spiritual lives including our dreams.  And our fear, or lack of fear, is either their greatest strength over us, or their eventual defeat.  Quite simply we are the light that dark energy has revulsion for and fears and remember that you will never stand alone.


     We should stand as one because we are the evolutionary future of our race.  Be proud of what and who you are.  You and I are the light and eventually the teachers blazing the path for all that will follow.  It is our time!


A Ghost Story: And I was the Ghost



I published this article in Fate Magazine in November 1996. I’m writing the article just as it appeared back then. And I swear it’s all true!


     I don’t know exactly how long I had been asleep that winter night, but I suddenly became aware of my own racing heart as well as a release of heavy perspiration. I tried desperately to grasp at some kind of conscious reality, but this dark void had taken my sleep and I could not escape. The only real feeling my mind could absorb was that a part of me was, for some reason, terrified. But I wasn’t at all sure of the source of my terror.

     Then, just as suddenly as this had begun, it ended. I became aware of an incredible lightness to my body. I traveled toward my closed bedroom door. As I reached instinctively for the doorknob, I had the strangest sensation of passing right through the door. A great sense of urgency overcame me, preventing me from even trying to reason what was taking place.

     I was now heading down the hallway past the bathroom toward my combination front room, dining room, and kitchen. As I moved forward, I noticed the smoke detector with its little red light ahead of me. What was unusual about this was my ability to see it without having to look up. That was when it first occurred to me that I might be having an out of body experience.

     As I entered the front room the reason for my intense fear became strikingly apparent. Looking down I saw two older teenage males moving towards me. What happened next is very difficult to put into words. I had this feeling that someone, or something, from outside of me wanted me to will myself visible to these two intruders. I must have done this because their faces took on the appearance of both disbelief and horror. Only a moment passed before they bolted for the door to my apartment-with me in hot pursuit.

     I saw them go out the door just before I had the sensation, once again, of passing right through it. I caught my last glimpse of them leaving the building. Then there was an intense flash, like a camera bulb going off in an otherwise dark room. Again, all that I was aware of for several moments-I really have no idea how long-was my heart beating faster then I could ever remember it beating before, and that my body was soaked in sweat.

     After what seemed to be an incredibly long amount of time, I was able to calm my heartbeat and open my eyes. When I finally felt that I was in control, I checked the clock at my bedside. It was four A.M. I had gone to bed at about midnight.

     At this point I was feeling very disoriented, to say the least, I decided to get up, which was not an easy chore, and check my apartment.

     I might have been able to convince myself that I had had some kind of dream-except for one thing. When I got to the front door of my apartment, it was standing open several inches, caught on a fold in the carpet. That couldn’t have happened unless someone was in an awfully big hurry to leave through a door that I know was closed when I went to bed.


Bill Walker

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