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The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline


Anacortes Washington refinery where tar sands oil is already being refined!

     In a previous blog, The Keystone Oil Pipeline, is it all just a big lie?  I questioned just who was going to benefit from all this tar sands oil from Alberta Canada that would cross dangerously through America’s environmentally sensitive heartland to refineries in Texas and down south through this manmade vein?

     If we are to believe the, everything is wonderful ranting, by the people behind the TV commercials put forth by thousands of out of work construction workers are about to find blissful employment building this pipeline.  And if we buy into that deception, then surely we will believe that two dollar and fifty cent a gallon gasoline, like Newt Gingrich promised won’t be far behind. 

     I guess the people must have conveniently missed the Senate vote on (S 1813) where 65 Senators voted against requiring refined oil from the Keystone Pipeline be kept in the United States.  And I guess they also missed the fact that those very same Senators wouldn’t even require that the pipeline be built by American workers and, oh yes, that also included not requiring that American Steel and Iron be used in the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

     In short it makes the line by in their commercials, “Bringing tar sands oil to American markets,” One of the biggest lies of all unless of course they mean South American markets?   

     And finally it just kind of makes one wonder, what do those 65 Senators know about The Keystone XL Pipeline that they don’t want the rest of us to know?  I guess we’ll find out after either the pipeline is approved or after the upcoming 2012 election.  Unless of course they’re being bought off under the table?

     I say, “Fire them all”, it’s time for the American worker to take back, and truly occupy America, because WE are too big to fail.

     Be Heard!!!!



Bill Walker


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