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     Recently I have read a number of letters lamenting how Monsanto, Dow, and other corporations and agribusiness bought the election, in Washington State, about GMO’s.  I take a completely different stand on this.  Thanks to these chemical conglomerates we now have a way to question many of their practices and products using the initiative process in every state nationwide.  Let’s face it they spent 46 million dollars in California and another 23 million dollars in the state of Washington to convince us that GMO’s might be safe, my question, how much are they willing to spend overall?   


     And Growth Modified Organisms are not the only questionable products that many of these companies distribute that they claim have health and environmental benefits and do little harm.


     I propose using the initiative process to question some of these assertions that have been put forward to us by writing initiatives that force these corporations to prove their chemicals and products true value and safety or remove them from the American retail and business market.  And if they choose to spend millions to fight any disclosures of their products that may have little value, or might even be dangerous, then let them.  And if we have to run multiple initiatives on multiple products that they sell, then again, let’s do that.


     But if you’re a group planning on running an initiative and you feel that their may be other issues you want to become involved in then be smart and keep a copy of all those individuals that signed the original initiative document so you can easily contact them about other issue’s. This way it would be much easier to coordinate where signature gathers would be, and when, as a convenience to the public while shortening the amount of time needed to collect these signatures.



Bill Walker


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