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Occupy Wall Street (Part 2)

Social Activism Against Social Injustice

     Occupy wall street is about feeling faceless in a vast social configuration where life has become nothing more then a number.  Bob Seger said it best with his song lyrics, “I feel like a number, I feel like a stranger in this town, I feel like a number.”  We don’t want to be numbers any longer and we have the social networks of both facebook, and yes, even myspace, as well as others to thank for this.  The social networks have given us our voices back and this movement has only just begun.  We refuse to continue to be witless consumers sucked dry by corporations, governments, and to big to fail banks, in a financial world that has truly lost its way.

     I find it humorous when I hear the media postulate that the occupy movement will somehow dissipate as the colder winter weather moves in, nothing could be further from the truth.  Oh yes, demonstrations may scale back a bit over the holidays and what not, but then will come the occupy spring of discontent as America moves into its full scale political arms race that we refer to as elective government.  And if you thought that this movement has already run its course?  Then I say just wait and see what’s coming both here in America and abroad. 

     This is a worldwide phenomenon that encompasses more then just greed and the haves and have not’s.  This is about respect, honesty, integrity, and everything that governments, corporations, and large financial institutions, seem to be lacking in their models of fair and just treatment for all.  These entities have a brief period of time to change their practices or this movement will see to it that they fail, or are otherwise voted out of their jobs.   An ocean gets its start with a single drop of water and it is abundantly clear that the single drop has had it with the status quo and can make a difference because this ocean of single drops refuse’s to remain faceless any longer.  Finally, there is no government, corporation, or financial institution that is to big to fail, and we the people can see to that, if necessary!   




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