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Orcas and Coal Don’t Mix

The San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea

The San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea

     Our Salish Sea resident Orcas J, K, and L pods, are in trouble and humans are primarily the problem. The environment in which they share with us is under attack from an increasingly warming and acidic mixture of PCB’s and other highly toxic chemicals that are more than likely playing havoc with our whales reproductive systems. Add to this the destruction of Salmon habitat, our whale’s favorite food, and you have created a recipe of extinction for our local Killer Whales in the near future. The only chance for their continued survival is if we humans who care about them become their voices in issues that most certainly put them in further danger.

     How, I ask, can we seriously consider building a deep water port and coal export facility at Cherry Point that will ultimately only add to the acidity of the worlds oceans as well as further degrade the waters of our inland sea that takes decades to flush itself of impurities under even the best of conditions? And how can we ask our Dolphin residents and other ocean living wildlife here to try and dodge hundreds more super sized cargo vessels when that task is already a detriment to them at current levels?

     When people ask me if I cherish the lives of our resident Orca’s over the addition of a couple of hundred climate destroying jobs? My answer is similar to one given by a former Vice Presidential Candidate, “You Betchya!”




My name is Bill Walker and I have just recently published my very first novel about a pod of Orcas traveling up the North American Pacific Coast to a place that they know of as Great Schools of Fish.

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