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Me (Bill) having way to much fun at work!

     This blog is primarily for writers that are new to blogging who may or may not understand the significance of Gravatar and what it can do to drive readers to your blog. First though let me state that I am not a Gravatar expert by any means. I even had to Google it to find out that its primary purpose is to act as a spam blocker to your blog site so you don’t get inundated with spam off the web in your comments section.

     However, Gravatar also serves another extremely important function.  And I can’t tell you just how frustrating it is to read your Gravatar comments about yourself and all the great things you want to say and share with me in your blog, only to find out when I open to your Gravatar page, after clicking on your picture, that you didn’t provide a link to get to your blogGravatar is like the front door for me to come straight through to find you.  It’s nothing less then the gateway to navigate around the blogesphere.  It makes you visible to the world so you can be heard and I assume that you do want to be heard or you wouldn’t be writing.

     This, if you don’t already know, is how you add a link to your Gravatar page that leads me to your blog!

1.     Go up to the right hand corner of your Gravatar page where it says my account and click on it.

2.     Click on where it says, Go to my profile.

3.     Then look for and click on where it says, My links.

4.     Look where it says, Link URL.  Put in your blog site URL which is the web address at the top of your blog home page.

5.     This is an Example of mine:

6.     The http:// part of the address is already there.

7.     It should look like this when you’re done:

8.     Then where it says blog title put in your title. Mine is: visusunoorca  (Which is also part of my blog address but it doesn’t have to be.)

9.     Go to the Add button just to the right of this and click on it.

10.    You now have a link that will bring me straight to your page.


     Happy Blogging!


PS. I can’t wait to read about what matters to you.


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