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     Recently I have read a number of letters lamenting how Monsanto, Dow, and other corporations and agribusiness bought the election, in Washington State, about GMO’s.  I take a completely different stand on this.  Thanks to these chemical conglomerates we now have a way to question many of their practices and products using the initiative process in every state nationwide.  Let’s face it they spent 46 million dollars in California and another 23 million dollars in the state of Washington to convince us that GMO’s might be safe, my question, how much are they willing to spend overall?   


     And Growth Modified Organisms are not the only questionable products that many of these companies distribute that they claim have health and environmental benefits and do little harm.


     I propose using the initiative process to question some of these assertions that have been put forward to us by writing initiatives that force these corporations to prove their chemicals and products true value and safety or remove them from the American retail and business market.  And if they choose to spend millions to fight any disclosures of their products that may have little value, or might even be dangerous, then let them.  And if we have to run multiple initiatives on multiple products that they sell, then again, let’s do that.


     But if you’re a group planning on running an initiative and you feel that their may be other issues you want to become involved in then be smart and keep a copy of all those individuals that signed the original initiative document so you can easily contact them about other issue’s. This way it would be much easier to coordinate where signature gathers would be, and when, as a convenience to the public while shortening the amount of time needed to collect these signatures.



Bill Walker


The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline


Anacortes Washington refinery where tar sands oil is already being refined!

     In a previous blog, The Keystone Oil Pipeline, is it all just a big lie?  I questioned just who was going to benefit from all this tar sands oil from Alberta Canada that would cross dangerously through America’s environmentally sensitive heartland to refineries in Texas and down south through this manmade vein?

     If we are to believe the, everything is wonderful ranting, by the people behind the TV commercials put forth by thousands of out of work construction workers are about to find blissful employment building this pipeline.  And if we buy into that deception, then surely we will believe that two dollar and fifty cent a gallon gasoline, like Newt Gingrich promised won’t be far behind. 

     I guess the people must have conveniently missed the Senate vote on (S 1813) where 65 Senators voted against requiring refined oil from the Keystone Pipeline be kept in the United States.  And I guess they also missed the fact that those very same Senators wouldn’t even require that the pipeline be built by American workers and, oh yes, that also included not requiring that American Steel and Iron be used in the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

     In short it makes the line by in their commercials, “Bringing tar sands oil to American markets,” One of the biggest lies of all unless of course they mean South American markets?   

     And finally it just kind of makes one wonder, what do those 65 Senators know about The Keystone XL Pipeline that they don’t want the rest of us to know?  I guess we’ll find out after either the pipeline is approved or after the upcoming 2012 election.  Unless of course they’re being bought off under the table?

     I say, “Fire them all”, it’s time for the American worker to take back, and truly occupy America, because WE are too big to fail.

     Be Heard!!!!



Bill Walker

GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!


GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!

GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!

     There is a new religion taking hold in America and it is every bit as evil as anything that Satan ever dreamed of.  It’s fanatical, destructive, and it has the ability to consume anyone that does not give it the proper respect that it requires.  This religion was born a long time ago but it recently has found the perfect womb in which to grow and possess its victims from.  It is no less then a snake that slithers under and around the tables and chairs of America’s, and the worlds, Corporations, Banks, and Financial Markets.  It even has its own Boardroom Chapels where the flock comes to pray and worship on Electronic Alters that flash gains and sacrifices as they plan how to foolishly manipulate this demon to fulfill their own desires.  The religion is greed and it comes with a paper god that is called by many names, Money, Currency, Dollars, just to name a few.

     The holy trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, have now been replaced with the Supreme Court, Energy Conglomerates,  and Banks that are to big to fail.  And this new religion is run by the new Apostles and Saints who are now referred to as CEO’s and the Board of Directors.  They preach daily about profits and cost containment as they set their cross-hairs on any one that tries to stand in their way as they plan the destruction of the environment and world financial domination behind the disguise of Corporate Personhood

     This religion comes complete with its own simple Bible that contains only one Bible Verse.  What’s mine is mine.  What’s ours is mine. And what’s yours will soon be mine!  And the Greediest pursue this with a passion and self righteousness that blinds them as they throw their fellow countrymen to the lions while relishing their ill gotten rewards. 

     A day of reckoning is coming, an economic inquisition if you will, when the poor rise up and cast down this Satan of mans own design.  We are the ones that will occupy their nightmares from a nearby park or maybe even their own corporate offices.  We are the 99%.  And it will be our Faith that will eventually crush their destructive financial gains.  And until then remember what Jesus Christ said, “Give to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar.  But give to God, what belongs to God.”  A new day is coming, a true Heaven on Earth! Which side are you on?

 Bill Walker



The Coming Crash of the Oil Markets!

     As we approach another Earth Day, as well as four dollar a gallon plus gas prices, we can already hear the chant of, “drill baby drill” from conservatives and oil companies alike.  A few are even promising two dollar and fifty cent a gallon gasoline if we agree to rape ANWR, The Arctic Circle, and other areas that are still somewhat pristine in North America, including her coastlines all in the name of personal and financial greed without any regard for all of the other animals and their habitat that we share this planet with what so ever.

     If we needed any real proof of what a lousy idea this really is we don’t need to look any further then the BP blowout in The Gulf of Mexico.  If we can’t control a drilling operation in what is mostly a calm body of water how can anyone possibly believe that we can perform it safely in our world’s most violent body of water up in The Arctic Circle?  What if there was a way where you not only didn’t have to pay two fifty a gallon for gas but where you didn’t have to pay for gas at all? There is! 

     The problem with electric cars up to now is that it takes them eight hours or longer to recharge their batteries after a hundred or so miles of use.  One of the solutions to that problem is a company in Seattle, Washington called EnerG2.  They have already developed a nano-engineered carbon for use in batteries that allows for an increased battery capacity that can recharge totally in a matter of minutes rather then hours.  This is a highly purified carbon that they are already using in small batteries with hopes of having a car battery ready in five years that can totally recharge in ten to fifteen minutes and go farther on a charge then the current battery systems.  And furthermore they have just opened their first production facility in Albany, Oregonto expand research, development, and manufacturing.

     This is an environmentalists dream come true so I strongly recommend support of this company and others like it that are leading the way out of places like the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada as well as The Middle East with its propensity to like our money but hate us otherwise.  And wouldn’t it be great to never have to have another oil change since electric cars don’t need oil and require far less maintenance because of having far fewer moving parts?  I sure think it would!

     Yes, we would still need to do a massive upgrade on our antiquated electrical grid as it would never be able to hold the increased electric capacity that would be required if everyone had an electric car.  And we would still need either coal fired or natural gas powered electric plants but this would at least get us started in the right direction.  And who knows maybe that would be enough to open the door out in Western America to building Geothermal power plants where that energy is very accessible.  And it most certainly would create an abundance of construction and manufacturing jobs that our economy desperately needs.

     If you truly care about our world I ask you to please support start up companies like EnerG2 and other emerging technologies. Research them, get in touch with them, buy their stock if you can, do anything you have to, just make sure that energy conglomerates and their minion corporations can’t buy them up and bury them.  It’s our time to win, but to do that we need to stand up, and we need to stand united and strong.  It’s time for the other 99% of us to occupy the future and just say “NO” to corporate greed and environmental destruction!  


Feel free to check out EnerG2:



Greed vs Environment




     In the reality television show survivor the object is to outwit, outlast, and outplay, the other competitors to win the game and become the ultimate sole survivor.  In the battle between large corporations, energy conglomerates, and the environmental movement, it has always been who could outspend, out sue, and ultimately outlast, the other side to see who would eventually win an issue.  And unfortunately, at least in my opinion, environmentalists are losing more then they’re winning.

     It is true that people who value our planet’s health over financial greed have been successful in slowing down the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems through a constant litany of law suits.  But the powerful interests that are playing against them know that even a courtroom loss is only the beginning.  In far to many cases these mega companies regroup after tweaking their destructive plans and resubmit almost the exact same idea minus just the parts that cost them the lawsuit in the first place and end up getting the blessing of the court to plunder Earth Mother anyway.  Let’s face it, the environmental movement can’t outspend or outlast the vast amounts of wealth that are stacked against them.  However, there may still be a way to outwit these boardroom rapists of our planet at their own game.

     Many state governments are setting aside a portion of their tax receipts to purchase and protect the most sensitive of our public lands before development and mining interests can get a hold of them.  It just seems to me that environmentalists and their groups should take their queue from this successful local and national government practice.  I propose that environmental groups start saving some of the money they spend in constant litigation with often less then stellar outcomes.  And instead start spending some of their money buying up promising new patents on energy technology and researching future feasibility of these before corporate America has a chance to buy them, and then bury them in a virtual wasteland of great ideas that will probably never see the light of day again.

     Energy is the life’s blood of every single financial market bar none.  If the environmental movement can slowly get the upper hand on this future financial bonanza before big business then the tables would eventually turn leaving these mega corporations to either conform to a knew paradigm, or watch their bottom line shrivel into obscurity.  And as an added benefit this would also bring about the social and economic parity that the worldwide occupy movement is currently striving to achieve.  That’s like two birds at one feeder.

     Finally, we must reinvent our game if we are ever to have any hopes of taking back our world from a corrupt corporate entity that seems hell bent on destroying our planet for profit.  This is the ultimate game of survivor and they already know this.  And now, so do you!       


The Keystone Oil Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline: Is it all just a big Lie?

      We the people are being sold a bill of goods that are anything, but good for planet earth or us!

       The proposed Keystone pipeline running from the tar sands in Alberta Canada to the gulf coast oil refineries here in the United States will, we are promised, increase domestic production of gasoline, help to stabilize wildly erratic and upward fluctuations of prices at the pump, and reduce the amount of expensive Arab oil that we now purchase for our own domestic use.  Really?  I suspect a far different discussion is taking place behind the closed doors of the oil interests that are behind the Keystone pipeline.  Remember, these are the same people who claim that the reason for our incredible summer price hikes at the pump is because these refineries just can’t meet increased production demand. But now all of the sudden they can handle millions of extra barrels of oil that will become available because of this pipeline.  Why the change of story?

     The South American economies are booming and showing no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future.  And the one area that they are in desperate need to fill to keep their economies growing is in the energy department.  And with deep water ports on either side of their continent that are just a fairly quick oil tanker ride away from the Gulf States in the United States this leaves me highly skeptical of the purported benefits that most North Americans or Canadians would share in.  My guess is that if anyone were to look more closely into this they would find that there is a quiet push in the permitting process of both North and South American ports to be able to handle large oil tankers for the eventual import and export of tar sands oil.

     And in the end, after the completion of the pipeline, I believe it would do absolutely nothing to stabilize gas prices or cut the amount of oil that we purchase from Arab countries.  All this pipeline would do is help to line the greedy pockets of big oil and leave most Americans, and Canadians, sharing all of the environmental hardships and dangers.  If they really wanted to stabilize petroleum prices in North America and decrease Arab influence why not just build new refineries in Canada near the tar sands?  Think about it!


A Letter From Mother Earth

Mother Earth


     Every once in a while I have a strange dream that makes me wonder just how far stretching and incredible our universe may actually be.  In one instance I dreamt that a man walked up to me on a crowded sidewalk and handed me a letter while stating that it had been sent from a parallel universe and then just as I started to open it I woke up.  I’m still ticked off about that, I mean, just how often do you get a letter from another universe hand delivered?  And then just a few nights ago I had a dream where our planet seemed to be having a conversation with me.  I don’t exactly remember much of the conversation but it did have something to do with how we as a race were treating her.  I guess I’ll just let the words flow and we’ll see what happens.


Dear Mankind,


     I really need for you all to start showing me some empathy because I am really very sick.  And it should be no real secret as to who is the major cause of this illness.  You were given freedom of choice by Father God and I honestly can not see where you have used your choices wisely. Let’s just look at a few for instances.  You fowl my very breath with the coal fired industry that belches its black soot for miles into my blue spirit and cloud filled skies.  And you senselessly strip the lands of the lush blankets that nature has given you while leveling the hills and mountains for what you call profit.  And then you slowly and painfully poison my veins and clog my arteries which provide the fresh water that flows in my creeks and rivers that all animals depend on daily to drink.  But worst of all is the way you treat the very womb of your birth like it is your own personal cesspool to be dumped in and then forgotten.

     There is a time of reckoning close at hand where karma like a raging tempest wind will take its revenge on all that show such disrespect.  However, it is not too late to start listening to your hearts which is where my soul resides within you.  If you change and learn how to be my partner I promise to once again share my abundant secrets and treasures with you and we will continue this journey to a place called heaven on earth.  But if you do not……………..



The T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan




     I find it to be a sad state of affairs when China, of all countries, lashes out at America because our priorities are all messed up and our government is locked up in mindless childish nonsense.  And what’s even sadder still is that for all intents and purposes their right.  We face multiple problems on multiple levels and we could solve just about every single one of them if we just stop bickering, pull our heads out of the sand, and get our collective behinds together.  Let’s consider three of the more major problems that confront us currently.  We have an economy that is teetering on the brink of insolvency.  There are more Americans out of work, myself included, then there ever have been since the great depression.  And on the environmental front we are poisoning our planet on a pace that will lead to eventual human extinction if we don’t change our ways.

     Is there a way to combat all three of these pressing problems with one cohesive swing of the bat?  In a word, Yes!  And I know that a lot of people aren’t thrilled with it, but it’s called the T. Boone Pickens plan for complete energy independence from the rest of the world.  And please, before you judge me and this opinion piece at least read it through to the end before delivering your final judgment. 

     Here in America we were blessed with three major sources of raw energy, coal, oil, and natural gas.  Of the three, coal is by far the worst when it comes to carbon emissions when it’s burned.  And whether or not you believe in climate change or not, coal smog and particulate is still not a very healthy thing to have to inhale into your lungs.  The next worst energy provider is oil but we have already almost exhausted that resource anyway so the point is almost mute.  And finally this leaves us with natural gas which here in North America we are sitting on vast quantities of.  And the beauty of this is that there is enough natural gas that if we used it correctly we could completely restructure our entire energy economy until natural gas could be replaced by other forms of none polluting renewable energy like, wind, solar, geothermal, and eventually fuel cells and whatever may come next.  And in the mean time this new natural gas economy could also fuel job growth by providing millions of construction jobs as well as jobs in support services nationwide because gas reserves can be found in almost every geographical location. 

     I do realize that natural gas has its own problems, fracking is a new technology that is far from perfect but I do have faith that our engineers can figure out how to do it more efficiently if given half a chance.  But if I’m going to spend a couple hundred dollars a month to heat and cool my house and another forty dollars a week to drive my car then I want that money to stay right here in this country paying wages to American workers.  And I would much rather see those dollars paying down our fifteen trillion dollar debt then being sent over seas to support ideals that I quite frankly don’t agree with.  I honestly believe that if we as a country made this commitment we could be completely energy independent in ten years.  And I also believe that if we did this we could reduce our pollution output by ninety-five percent in ten years after that.    

     These problems aren’t a liberal problem, a conservative problem, or even an environmentalist’s problem.  We all own these problems together equally and we have to stand as one country if we’re going to see a positive resolution while we build a stronger and lasting future.  It is pretty incredible when you consider that this next generation behind the baby boomers can truly do what no other generation has quite been able to accomplish before.  They can not only change America for the better, they can change the world and perhaps the rest of humanity.  But we’re running out of time, we need to make some serious course adjustments now.  America is an agricultural giant that can feed a starving world but we need to get our own house in order first. 

     We, can do better, the future possibilities are endless if we at least can find some common ground in a few small areas.  What will your choice be?  




Geothermal Energy

The Gulf of Mexico sits on top of vast oil reserves as we are now all devastatingly aware of.  We here in the Pacific Northwest also sit on top of vast energy reserves.  And our’s have many more advantages that oil does not, once developed it will deliver electric power for decades to come without ever running dry.

     It is estimated that just one geothermal plant would create between one thousand and twelve hundred high paying jobs during its construction over several years for an  industry that is desperate for new construction projects.  It would also create another two hundred positions that would be permanent full-time jobs,  and this is just one plant.  We have multiple sites around our state that would be prime locations for this kind of development.

     This would be clean renewable energy that would be produced here, sold here, and hopefully, owned locally by public utility companies. (No Enrons allowed.)  Energy that could power Alcoa aluminum as well as other new industries throughout this area.  The very same power that would provide energy for a whole new generation of electric, none polluting, vehicles, that are already fanning out across our nation, and our state’s,  highways. 

     Imagine the possibilities of being able to remove some of our dams so salmon could swim and spawn our water ways without disruption.  While helping to reduce the petro chemical pollution that now pours unhindered into the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) poisoning our Killer Whale population as well as all the other animals that call these water’s home.

     It is certainly time for all of us here in the Pacific Northwest to search out new ways to productively and protectively manage our natural resources in a manner that does the least harm to the beautiful environment that surrounds us.  Here in Washington State,  we could be an innovative and environmental world leader, if we would only stand up and show that we are ready for change.




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