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Greed vs Environment




     In the reality television show survivor the object is to outwit, outlast, and outplay, the other competitors to win the game and become the ultimate sole survivor.  In the battle between large corporations, energy conglomerates, and the environmental movement, it has always been who could outspend, out sue, and ultimately outlast, the other side to see who would eventually win an issue.  And unfortunately, at least in my opinion, environmentalists are losing more then they’re winning.

     It is true that people who value our planet’s health over financial greed have been successful in slowing down the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems through a constant litany of law suits.  But the powerful interests that are playing against them know that even a courtroom loss is only the beginning.  In far to many cases these mega companies regroup after tweaking their destructive plans and resubmit almost the exact same idea minus just the parts that cost them the lawsuit in the first place and end up getting the blessing of the court to plunder Earth Mother anyway.  Let’s face it, the environmental movement can’t outspend or outlast the vast amounts of wealth that are stacked against them.  However, there may still be a way to outwit these boardroom rapists of our planet at their own game.

     Many state governments are setting aside a portion of their tax receipts to purchase and protect the most sensitive of our public lands before development and mining interests can get a hold of them.  It just seems to me that environmentalists and their groups should take their queue from this successful local and national government practice.  I propose that environmental groups start saving some of the money they spend in constant litigation with often less then stellar outcomes.  And instead start spending some of their money buying up promising new patents on energy technology and researching future feasibility of these before corporate America has a chance to buy them, and then bury them in a virtual wasteland of great ideas that will probably never see the light of day again.

     Energy is the life’s blood of every single financial market bar none.  If the environmental movement can slowly get the upper hand on this future financial bonanza before big business then the tables would eventually turn leaving these mega corporations to either conform to a knew paradigm, or watch their bottom line shrivel into obscurity.  And as an added benefit this would also bring about the social and economic parity that the worldwide occupy movement is currently striving to achieve.  That’s like two birds at one feeder.

     Finally, we must reinvent our game if we are ever to have any hopes of taking back our world from a corrupt corporate entity that seems hell bent on destroying our planet for profit.  This is the ultimate game of survivor and they already know this.  And now, so do you!       



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