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Geothermal Energy

The Gulf of Mexico sits on top of vast oil reserves as we are now all devastatingly aware of.  We here in the Pacific Northwest also sit on top of vast energy reserves.  And our’s have many more advantages that oil does not, once developed it will deliver electric power for decades to come without ever running dry.

     It is estimated that just one geothermal plant would create between one thousand and twelve hundred high paying jobs during its construction over several years for an  industry that is desperate for new construction projects.  It would also create another two hundred positions that would be permanent full-time jobs,  and this is just one plant.  We have multiple sites around our state that would be prime locations for this kind of development.

     This would be clean renewable energy that would be produced here, sold here, and hopefully, owned locally by public utility companies. (No Enrons allowed.)  Energy that could power Alcoa aluminum as well as other new industries throughout this area.  The very same power that would provide energy for a whole new generation of electric, none polluting, vehicles, that are already fanning out across our nation, and our state’s,  highways. 

     Imagine the possibilities of being able to remove some of our dams so salmon could swim and spawn our water ways without disruption.  While helping to reduce the petro chemical pollution that now pours unhindered into the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) poisoning our Killer Whale population as well as all the other animals that call these water’s home.

     It is certainly time for all of us here in the Pacific Northwest to search out new ways to productively and protectively manage our natural resources in a manner that does the least harm to the beautiful environment that surrounds us.  Here in Washington State,  we could be an innovative and environmental world leader, if we would only stand up and show that we are ready for change.





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