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Oscar, The Feline Empath


      A couple of years ago I read  a book about this most amazing cat, “Oscar” and his ability to know when death is about to collect a patient in a hospice in Rhode Island. The title, Making Rounds With Oscar, by David Dosa, M.D.

     It seems that Oscar is able to sense, within twenty four hours, when an Alzheimer’s patient is about to pass over. And the doctor, David Dosa, sets out to try and find out how Oscar comes by this knowledge. In the end, and this won’t ruin the book for anyone, he decides that it is through smell that Oscar comes by this gift, however, this is only his guess.

     After reading the book I am more interested in knowing why Oscar does this then how? Think about the intelligence that must go into this feat of incredible love and understanding being exhibited by a cat, and no disrespect is meant to cats.  As a cat person I do not want to down play what a cat feels, but in this case Oscar sits with each dying patient in his or her last hours of life sharing with them one of the cruelest ways to pass, and somehow Oscar seems to know and feel empathy for them in advance not wanting them to die alone.

     It just makes me wonder if Oscar might have lived a previous life where there was no one with him who cared about him in the end? And now he has made it his life’s calling to see at least a handful of souls all the way threw the process and perhaps even waits with them until an angel comes to take them home?

     I encourage anyone who is an empath, or otherwise, to read this extraordinary story. It is a gift for all to experience! 

Bill Walker


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