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GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!


GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!

GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!

     There is a new religion taking hold in America and it is every bit as evil as anything that Satan ever dreamed of.  It’s fanatical, destructive, and it has the ability to consume anyone that does not give it the proper respect that it requires.  This religion was born a long time ago but it recently has found the perfect womb in which to grow and possess its victims from.  It is no less then a snake that slithers under and around the tables and chairs of America’s, and the worlds, Corporations, Banks, and Financial Markets.  It even has its own Boardroom Chapels where the flock comes to pray and worship on Electronic Alters that flash gains and sacrifices as they plan how to foolishly manipulate this demon to fulfill their own desires.  The religion is greed and it comes with a paper god that is called by many names, Money, Currency, Dollars, just to name a few.

     The holy trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, have now been replaced with the Supreme Court, Energy Conglomerates,  and Banks that are to big to fail.  And this new religion is run by the new Apostles and Saints who are now referred to as CEO’s and the Board of Directors.  They preach daily about profits and cost containment as they set their cross-hairs on any one that tries to stand in their way as they plan the destruction of the environment and world financial domination behind the disguise of Corporate Personhood

     This religion comes complete with its own simple Bible that contains only one Bible Verse.  What’s mine is mine.  What’s ours is mine. And what’s yours will soon be mine!  And the Greediest pursue this with a passion and self righteousness that blinds them as they throw their fellow countrymen to the lions while relishing their ill gotten rewards. 

     A day of reckoning is coming, an economic inquisition if you will, when the poor rise up and cast down this Satan of mans own design.  We are the ones that will occupy their nightmares from a nearby park or maybe even their own corporate offices.  We are the 99%.  And it will be our Faith that will eventually crush their destructive financial gains.  And until then remember what Jesus Christ said, “Give to Caesar, what belongs to Caesar.  But give to God, what belongs to God.”  A new day is coming, a true Heaven on Earth! Which side are you on?

 Bill Walker




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6 thoughts on “GREED: The New Religion and its Paper God!

  1. 在你博客很多都是没见过的东西啊!收藏了 is my blog.

  2. Sammy Laine on said:

    Very interesting thoughts Bill. You are such a great writer!

  3. That is really well written.. Truth in every word.. Its not just the case in America, it is the same pretty much all over the world.. Money is the only God people believe in.

    • Yes Uma, it’s a very sad truth that in a universe that stretches beyond anything that man can concieve of, many believe that man has created the ultimate truth that will guide him along the path to spiritual understanding. Why would anyone think that was something you could buy? What a tragedy!

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