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The Coming Crash of the Oil Markets!

     As we approach another Earth Day, as well as four dollar a gallon plus gas prices, we can already hear the chant of, “drill baby drill” from conservatives and oil companies alike.  A few are even promising two dollar and fifty cent a gallon gasoline if we agree to rape ANWR, The Arctic Circle, and other areas that are still somewhat pristine in North America, including her coastlines all in the name of personal and financial greed without any regard for all of the other animals and their habitat that we share this planet with what so ever.

     If we needed any real proof of what a lousy idea this really is we don’t need to look any further then the BP blowout in The Gulf of Mexico.  If we can’t control a drilling operation in what is mostly a calm body of water how can anyone possibly believe that we can perform it safely in our world’s most violent body of water up in The Arctic Circle?  What if there was a way where you not only didn’t have to pay two fifty a gallon for gas but where you didn’t have to pay for gas at all? There is! 

     The problem with electric cars up to now is that it takes them eight hours or longer to recharge their batteries after a hundred or so miles of use.  One of the solutions to that problem is a company in Seattle, Washington called EnerG2.  They have already developed a nano-engineered carbon for use in batteries that allows for an increased battery capacity that can recharge totally in a matter of minutes rather then hours.  This is a highly purified carbon that they are already using in small batteries with hopes of having a car battery ready in five years that can totally recharge in ten to fifteen minutes and go farther on a charge then the current battery systems.  And furthermore they have just opened their first production facility in Albany, Oregonto expand research, development, and manufacturing.

     This is an environmentalists dream come true so I strongly recommend support of this company and others like it that are leading the way out of places like the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada as well as The Middle East with its propensity to like our money but hate us otherwise.  And wouldn’t it be great to never have to have another oil change since electric cars don’t need oil and require far less maintenance because of having far fewer moving parts?  I sure think it would!

     Yes, we would still need to do a massive upgrade on our antiquated electrical grid as it would never be able to hold the increased electric capacity that would be required if everyone had an electric car.  And we would still need either coal fired or natural gas powered electric plants but this would at least get us started in the right direction.  And who knows maybe that would be enough to open the door out in Western America to building Geothermal power plants where that energy is very accessible.  And it most certainly would create an abundance of construction and manufacturing jobs that our economy desperately needs.

     If you truly care about our world I ask you to please support start up companies like EnerG2 and other emerging technologies. Research them, get in touch with them, buy their stock if you can, do anything you have to, just make sure that energy conglomerates and their minion corporations can’t buy them up and bury them.  It’s our time to win, but to do that we need to stand up, and we need to stand united and strong.  It’s time for the other 99% of us to occupy the future and just say “NO” to corporate greed and environmental destruction!  


Feel free to check out EnerG2:




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9 thoughts on “The Coming Crash of the Oil Markets!

  1. Christine Ro on said:

    This is a great post. Thank you Bill for writing this blog. I love reading it!

  2. Linda Soroel on said:

    This is a great post Bill! I love your work.

    • Thank you for the very kind words and further encouragement. At times I seem to get almost no response for the things that I write about so it’s very special when someone like you comes along and is so very positive about what I have to say. Thank you again! 🙂

  3. Linda I tried your email address because I wanted to ask how you found me in the first place? You said that you check to see if I’ve written anything new everyday, which is very flattering, but you aren’t one of my subscribers so I’m interested how you check? Your email didn’t work so that’s why I’m asking here!!

    Thanks again for the kind words!

  4. Golden on said:

    This post is really great. It seems our environment stands a chance against complete destruction. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. This was a good post! And it is especially interesting because I do research in solid state physics. Solid state physics is a gateway between using things that are bad for the planet and using things that are plentiful on the planet, inexpensive, and is not quite as bad. Hopefully I’ll see in my lifetime the research that we are doing help our environment.

    • Thank you! It always means a great deal to me when someone who has far greater expertise in an area that I do actually writes that they like what I wrote. I live in the pacific Northwest and am currently trying to lobby our local power company to build a geothermal power plant in The Mount Baker basin. Actually that’s what my next blog will be about as soon as I finish it unless of course something grabs my attention and I just have to get it out of me really quickly!!!!!!

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