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It’s been beat into our heads over and over that the United States is fourteen plus trillion dollars in debt and then I read that Europe owes the U.S. a trillion dollars.  I go onto read that many other countries, Japan being one, owe America perhaps trillions more.  And this begs the question is there really a fourteen trillion dollar deficit in America or is this a shell game cooked up by god knows who to make it just look like we’re in the bottomless pit of debt?

     I’m really ticked at our government, the banking system, as well as all of the world financial regulators right at the moment, and I want some straight answers.  And if they can’t fess up and provide them, then I hope the Occupy Wall Street movement, brings you all down because it’s time to rewrite a whole lot of policy worldwide which includes throwing the whole bunch of you out of your jobs and starting over!  Catch my drift?   





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5 thoughts on “OCCUPY WALL STREET

  1. There’s noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made sure good factors in options also.

  2. I really catch your drift. Ever considered ‘fear’. I mean if we are all frightened of the debt crisis as well as the terror threat and every other thing they bombard us with, maybe we will just be good little people. Work hard, say nothing and let the superior beings that keep us safe do what is necessary. (or as they please) 😉

    • Thank you for the support. I have more to say on this subject but I need a cool down period. The unfortunate thing is that something else will probably happen that will just send me over the top. I honestly believe that, We The People, should pick one of the big banks that got tarp money and make a concerted effort to shut it down by pulling all of our accounts at the same time. I just feel that we should prove that we as a people are the ones who control who is too big to fail, not the government.

  3. That would be phenomenal, but we have enough problems trying to get everyone to vote. But maybe just maybe this time there will be change, Keep up the good work.

  4. Nice Post. You do a good job. Thanks!

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