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A True Red, White, and Blue, American Pacifist

American Pacifist


      I am a born and bred true (red, white, and blue) one hundred percent American Pacifist.  I just can not understand how it is that modern day man has been evolving for some fifty-thousand years and yet we have still not been able to grow out of the, kill or be killed, mentality as a race.  Do we not have enough environmental and health care issues and other drama that surrounds our lives on a daily basis that we feel the need to add even more chaos into the grand mix of life here on planet earth?

     I realize that we have had to adapt to living our lives in an otherwise violent ever changing universe but we were given freedom of choice.  And in my own opinion we could do a whole lot better with those choices from this point forward if we put our hearts and souls into it.  But truthfully speaking I’m kind of tired of it as it stands now, if this is the way that mankind is going to continue to exist, or not, then I for one want to put in for a transfer to a more peaceful world at the conclusion of my current lifetime.  God please feel free to reincarnate me somewhere else, but until then here is my own personal choice.

     I am willing to die for America, but I am not willing to kill for her! 

     End of rant!



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4 thoughts on “A True Red, White, and Blue, American Pacifist

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  2. I like that you PACIFY the time blogging……

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