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The T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan




     I find it to be a sad state of affairs when China, of all countries, lashes out at America because our priorities are all messed up and our government is locked up in mindless childish nonsense.  And what’s even sadder still is that for all intents and purposes their right.  We face multiple problems on multiple levels and we could solve just about every single one of them if we just stop bickering, pull our heads out of the sand, and get our collective behinds together.  Let’s consider three of the more major problems that confront us currently.  We have an economy that is teetering on the brink of insolvency.  There are more Americans out of work, myself included, then there ever have been since the great depression.  And on the environmental front we are poisoning our planet on a pace that will lead to eventual human extinction if we don’t change our ways.

     Is there a way to combat all three of these pressing problems with one cohesive swing of the bat?  In a word, Yes!  And I know that a lot of people aren’t thrilled with it, but it’s called the T. Boone Pickens plan for complete energy independence from the rest of the world.  And please, before you judge me and this opinion piece at least read it through to the end before delivering your final judgment. 

     Here in America we were blessed with three major sources of raw energy, coal, oil, and natural gas.  Of the three, coal is by far the worst when it comes to carbon emissions when it’s burned.  And whether or not you believe in climate change or not, coal smog and particulate is still not a very healthy thing to have to inhale into your lungs.  The next worst energy provider is oil but we have already almost exhausted that resource anyway so the point is almost mute.  And finally this leaves us with natural gas which here in North America we are sitting on vast quantities of.  And the beauty of this is that there is enough natural gas that if we used it correctly we could completely restructure our entire energy economy until natural gas could be replaced by other forms of none polluting renewable energy like, wind, solar, geothermal, and eventually fuel cells and whatever may come next.  And in the mean time this new natural gas economy could also fuel job growth by providing millions of construction jobs as well as jobs in support services nationwide because gas reserves can be found in almost every geographical location. 

     I do realize that natural gas has its own problems, fracking is a new technology that is far from perfect but I do have faith that our engineers can figure out how to do it more efficiently if given half a chance.  But if I’m going to spend a couple hundred dollars a month to heat and cool my house and another forty dollars a week to drive my car then I want that money to stay right here in this country paying wages to American workers.  And I would much rather see those dollars paying down our fifteen trillion dollar debt then being sent over seas to support ideals that I quite frankly don’t agree with.  I honestly believe that if we as a country made this commitment we could be completely energy independent in ten years.  And I also believe that if we did this we could reduce our pollution output by ninety-five percent in ten years after that.    

     These problems aren’t a liberal problem, a conservative problem, or even an environmentalist’s problem.  We all own these problems together equally and we have to stand as one country if we’re going to see a positive resolution while we build a stronger and lasting future.  It is pretty incredible when you consider that this next generation behind the baby boomers can truly do what no other generation has quite been able to accomplish before.  They can not only change America for the better, they can change the world and perhaps the rest of humanity.  But we’re running out of time, we need to make some serious course adjustments now.  America is an agricultural giant that can feed a starving world but we need to get our own house in order first. 

     We, can do better, the future possibilities are endless if we at least can find some common ground in a few small areas.  What will your choice be?  





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3 thoughts on “The T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan

  1. T “Bone” Pickens, got the Texas law makers and the PUCT to approve a ratepayer funded 5 billion dollar transmission system upgrade to bring “his” proposed wind generation to the ERCOT load Areas.

    Lines are being built, Land Owners are mad. Now T “Bone” says he is not going to build his wind generators.

    $5,000,000,000.00 Thanks Texas ratepayers. The “Bone” thanks you.

  2. You my buddy are a genius

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