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     Do you believe in Karma? If you don’t you might want to at least consider it after reading my, very true, little story here.

     A few weeks ago I had a couple of my neighbors stop by unexpectedly to pay a short visit. That evening I went to put a CD into my CD player while I cooked dinner. After searching high and low I ended up playing a different CD as the one I was looking for was no where to be found. I spent a couple of hours a day for the next couple of days looking for the CD while I cleaned up other things in my house, but still, no CD. I finally came to the conclusion that one of those two people who had visited me a few days earlier must have taken that CD. And one of those two individuals does have a reputation for taking things that do not belong to her and so I approached her and told her to return the missing CD as I was certain that she had taken it. You kind of should be getting an idea of where this is going by now.

     About three weeks passed and just two nights ago my cat got sick in the middle of the night so I immediately jumped out of bed, while half asleep, to clean up her mess before it had a chance to set into the rug. However, first I had to find it.  After a few minutes I realized that she had gotten sick under a chair right next to one of my dressers so I got down on hands and knees with paper towels a plenty and proceeded to crawl under the chair that was loaded down with a ton of other stuff sitting on it. It took only a second to realize that my cat had thrown up right on top of the missing CD that must have fallen off my dresser and in behind the chair. In one respect, this did make it pretty easy to clean up, but it also left me with a huge apology that I need to perform to the person I had accused of the crime.

     Moral of this story: Sometimes you have to eat crow to take your Karmic medicine when it is handed out by your cat!

Bill Walker

Multiple Sclerosis and Beyond

ImageA few of my readers I believe are primarily interested in my posts about multiple sclerosis so I have created a new site just for and about MS. On this new site I would love for people who either have MS, or have an interest in it, to write and submit topics of interest to others, like myself, about MS. I really would like for this site to be interactive with as many contributors as I can get. I know that a number of people with MS don’t really want to bother with having their blog site/page but would like a place where they could submit their own personal story for others to share. And that is why I wanted to create this page. If you are currently one of my readers who cares about MS please check out the new page by using the link below. I will be moving my MS blogs from this site over to the new one as time goes by. But I would really like to see if I’m going to get any feedback on this new site before I spend a great deal of time working on it.

The new web address:



     Over the holidays I noticed, even watched a few, a number of programs that discussed miracle cures and what were claimed to be Angelic interventions.  My interest for this blog centers on those cases where the medical field states freely that either a cure or a spontaneous remission should not have been possible by any means known to man.

     This obviously leads one to believe that only an intervention from God could have been the reason for an otherwise impossible cure. 

     And that got me to wondering that if God did step in and cure what couldn’t be cured, could he have also left that cure to be discovered with in the DNA of that particular patient? I just can’t help but to believe that if we took the blood sample of someone before this miraculous event and studied it along side a blood sample after the cure that we might be able to determine a difference between the two samples and perhaps be able to cure others with the same disease.

     I mean it almost makes sense that if God was going to step in and save one person, who otherwise would not have survived, he would also leave behind at least a hint as to how to save everyone else with that affliction, doesn’t it?

     I just have to think that its worth our time to take a closer look at what messages may have been left in the DNA of these individuals.  Do you think it’s possible? Obviously, I do!


     Recently I have read a number of letters lamenting how Monsanto, Dow, and other corporations and agribusiness bought the election, in Washington State, about GMO’s.  I take a completely different stand on this.  Thanks to these chemical conglomerates we now have a way to question many of their practices and products using the initiative process in every state nationwide.  Let’s face it they spent 46 million dollars in California and another 23 million dollars in the state of Washington to convince us that GMO’s might be safe, my question, how much are they willing to spend overall?   


     And Growth Modified Organisms are not the only questionable products that many of these companies distribute that they claim have health and environmental benefits and do little harm.


     I propose using the initiative process to question some of these assertions that have been put forward to us by writing initiatives that force these corporations to prove their chemicals and products true value and safety or remove them from the American retail and business market.  And if they choose to spend millions to fight any disclosures of their products that may have little value, or might even be dangerous, then let them.  And if we have to run multiple initiatives on multiple products that they sell, then again, let’s do that.


     But if you’re a group planning on running an initiative and you feel that their may be other issues you want to become involved in then be smart and keep a copy of all those individuals that signed the original initiative document so you can easily contact them about other issue’s. This way it would be much easier to coordinate where signature gathers would be, and when, as a convenience to the public while shortening the amount of time needed to collect these signatures.



Bill Walker

JFK: Conspiracy?

JFK 001

Fifty years ago on November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assonated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas Texas.  I was seven years old but I can still vividly remember standing in the grocery store when the news was broadcast over the loud speaker.  And though I was too young too fully understand what that meant I was frightened by the look of complete shock and disbelief that crossed my mother’s face as the moments passed.  A silent moment engulfed the entire store until I heard a woman start crying a few isles away from us.

     My mother must have realized the historical significance of that event, in the next day’s Washington Post Times Herald, because she saved the first section of that newspaper which is what I’m using to write this piece.  In hindsight I wish she had saved the entire paper but, for whatever reason, she did not.  Obviously the top headline of the day was, President Kennedy Shot Dead; Lyndon B. Johnson Is Sworn In.  And other then the letters to editor, which would have been written before the event and to this day I’m still surprised they even printed, the entire first section was devoted to the assassination and the life of a fallen leader.  A few other headlines of that day where: (Pro-Castro Fort Worth Marxist Charged in Kennedy Assassination), (Johnson Assumes Duties of Office, Asks Entire Cabinet to Remain), (Kennedy, at 43, was Youngest Man Elected President), (First Catholic to Be Elected President).  The rest were about President Johnson taking power or about the suspect Lee Harvey Oswald.

     But the strangest article of all was only a few paragraphs long and was buried on the last page of the first section and its headline reads; Mystery Call Foretold Fate Of President.  According to this story an Oxnard telephone operator in the Oxnard-Camarillo area near Los Angeles over heard a caller say, “The President is going to be killed.” This call happened fifteen minutes before the assassination took place in Dallas.  The story goes on to say that two operators actually heard the female caller give her message.  The following is exactly how this article was finished.  And I have also included a picture of the whole small article if you’re interested in reading it though it is difficult to read because of its size?  This comes straight out of The Washington Post Times Herald from that day.

     Ray Sheehan, general manager of the telephone company there said: “One of our supervisors picked up the call.  The caller kept on dialing although her call was connected.  Then she started whispering. Another supervisor listened in and was able to hear the woman saying, “The President is going to be killed.”

     The manager reported the call to the police but after the President had been shot!

     I assume that at the time they could not trace phone calls like we can today.  However, this story does make you wonder, doesn’t it?


Bill Walker


JFK 002

Haunted Northern State

I worked on the grounds of Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, WA for over five years at two different jobs and with Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share some of my experiences, as well as a few others, during my employment their. As many of you have heard, or perhaps not, this old psych hospital built and opened in 1912 is purported to be quite haunted. I can certainly attest to the fact that there is at least some very strange energy that manifests itself on this sprawling 400 acre plus site.

My first job on these grounds was with Job Corp which is located, in part, in the four old dormitory buildings that housed almost all of the patients until the hospital was closed in 1979. And these buildings are still used for the same purpose for the kids attending Job Corp. And part of my job was to do bedroom checks, since I worked the night shift, making sure the students were all where they were supposed to be. The dorm I worked in had two floors, boys on the ground level, and girls on the second floor, and each floor is set up in a T formation with heavy magnetic steel fire doors separating the three different hallways that make up the T. All three of these double fire doors are set up to close together in the case of a fire as they are all on the same electrical circuit. I always knew when I was being escorted along my rounds by something, or someone that I could not see, as quite often when I would pass threw one of the three sets of fire doors they would suddenly close right behind me but the other two sets would remain open. Like I already said, that’s impossible, they are all on the same circuit and it wasn’t the same set of doors each time. It varied I guess depending on which set my invisible helper decided to release for my benefit.

If you ever watched the show Ghost Hunters on A&E they had a half hour segment about Northern State where in one camera shot you can actually see a shadow step out from behind a wall and into a hallway and then suddenly step back out of the camera shot. I have been down that hallway once on a tour and it’s blocked off so you can’t go any further then where you see the shadow person emerge from and then disappear from. I guess permanently sealed doorways don’t present much of a problem for him!

I also worked at the Evaluation & Treatment Center that used to be housed on the same grounds about a quarter of a mile down the hill from Job Corp. And much to the dismay of two of our nurses Shadow Man, as he is referred too, made a couple of visits to see us down there as well. The first one was when one of our night nurses was looking out our break room window, not really thinking about much of anything, when she said that the whole window became shadowed over just like someone was walking right past the window except, other then a shadow, there was nobody their. The second nurse to make his acquaintance about a year later had gone outside for a break during a heavy rainstorm. She had been standing under our front door eve when she very suddenly ran back inside exclaiming, “Oh my god, Oh my god, I think I just saw shadow man.”

After calming down she explained how she had just been kind of staring out at the rain when she suddenly noticed a complete full outline of a man running threw the rain. The thing was though, as she put it, “I could see the rain falling right threw him, but it was just a shadow.” I thought that was going to be the last night we ever saw her but she did continue to work their even after her encounter though she rarely went outside by herself after this at night.

I have many other stories that I heard from students and the like but I’ll close with the two scariest stories of all. The first happened in the administration building that houses a different treatment center then where I worked.  One night two nurses went to get on the elevator that runs between the basement and the first and second floors. However, the basement is no longer used except for storage so the elevator is locked out from going down to that level. On this night though the ghosts had other plans and not only did the elevator go down to the basement it refused to go back up after the doors opened and then stayed open no matter what buttons they pushed. I was told that it took the fire department to come and unlock the stairway door and escort these two nurses back upstairs because they wouldn’t leave the open elevator until they got their.

And finally, the old hospital building that is on the grounds has been used on a couple of occasions to film horror movies by Valentine Films. One movie called, Bloody Mary, didn’t need any computer to add special effects. In one scene a woman is in a bathroom and is supposedly being attacked by Bloody Mary and as the camera pulls away so you can no longer see her, the bathroom lights start flickering on and off rapidly, creating a great effect along with her screams. However, like the magnetic doors, this bathroom is wired into the electrical system for that entire section of the hospital which means that there is no way the light’s can do that. And if you tried to do this from the electrical panel you would blow out the entire system for that part of the building. It’s in the film which you can still get on DVD online.

So if you ever find yourself on the grounds of Northern State remember, It’s always Halloween their, so expect the unexpected.



MS and Spontaneous Remission

Copaxone This is a letter of hope to anyone who has or knows someone with multiple sclerosis. I wasn’t aware that this could happen until I witnessed it happening to someone else with MS. So yes, this is a true story.
About twelve years ago and not long after my own MS diagnosis I was volunteering at a thrift store for animal welfare on Whidbey Island in Washington State. The day I started I also found out that there was another volunteer who also had this yucky disease. And she was much worse off then I was. She described her disease as being responsible for her being blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. She had to use braces to walk and even then it was extremely difficult. She said that she was always in pain and because of the numbness in both of her feet she hadn’t been able to feel anything in either foot for fourteen years.
We talked quite a bit about our conditions so it didn’t surprise me when she came in one day and said that when she woke up that morning she felt different. When I asked what she meant by different she couldn’t really give me an answer other then she felt different. Little did either of us realize the miracle that was about to take place.
About two weeks after our conversation she was in a complete remission. Her eye sight in both eyes had returned to 20/20. She had full feeling in both of her feet and no longer needed her braces because she could walk just fine without them.
When I asked my Neurologist about this he stated, “Yes spontaneous remission is possible, but it’s very rare, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up to much.”
I was like, are you kidding, sometimes hope is all people with MS have. And let’s put this into perspective. If MS can turn itself off almost as fast as it can come on then that means that there is some kind of a mechanism controlling it. And if we can find that switch then I could care less whether I have the disease or not as long as it stays turned off!
And this gives me tremendous hope regardless of how rare it might be!

MS: A Possible Cause?

My current medication

My current medication

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about fourteen years ago although my first attack was about six years before that. And during that first fairly mild episode I did go to see my family doctor who proclaimed that I probably had a pinched nerve and not to worry much about it as it would probably just go away, which it did. Of course now this sounds utterly ridicules considering that first attack lasted over three months which in hindsight a simple pinched nerve would not have. Live and learn.
Since being diagnosed I have been an avid reader on just about everything that I can find about MS. And I must admit that many of these articles that I have read are well beyond my limited scientific scope of understanding, but then again, a fair amount of that reading has sunk in and I have come up with a few theories of my own.
Our nervous system is designed to carry electrical impulses along the nerve pathway between the brain and the organs and the body in general and then back again. When electrical impulses travel along our nervous system they’re doing exactly the same thing that electricity does as it travels along a wire. It’s creating an electromagnetic field that resonates throughout the entire body. And when you create an electromagnetic field you are also magnetizing any free floating metals that are present in the blood system causing them to be attracted to that electric pulse. However, there is this thing that protects the nerve pathway that is called the Myelin Sheath, which acts just like the plastic covering that surrounds a wire, where I believe these heavy metal particles may become attached. As time goes by and more of this heavy metal becomes built up in any one area on this protective covering the bodies autoimmune system, the B and T Cells, kicks into action believing that a bacterial infection is establishing itself and attacks it as a foreign body destroying the protective sheath itself.
In most people I believe that the body has its own ability to remove an over abundance of heavy metal if it’s not required as a nutrient and before it can build up. In people, like myself with MS, I believe I’ve either lost all, or perhaps part of my ability to remove these heavy metals. Maybe this is why no two people suffering from MS are exactly the same. First the build up of heavy metal could happen anywhere along the nervous system including the brain and/or spine causing different symptoms in different locations. And second, maybe in milder cases these people have retained some or most of their body’s ability to extract and remove these heavy metals from their blood stream but a small amount still builds up in one or two places causing an autoimmune response that is very localized and not nearly as severe.
One of the metals that I have read about that could be a possible cause for an autoimmune response is aluminum. This metal however would not work in my theory because aluminum is not magnetic. However, Iron, Copper, and Mercury, as well as others certainly are magnetic and are in many of the foods that we eat on a daily basis. Mercury poisoning also has many of the same symptoms as Multiple Sclerosis but a direct link between Mercury and MS has never been proven.
There is a problem with my theory though, and that is in the rare cases where total remission has occurred even after extensive damage has been done to the Myelin Sheathing and the nervous system in general. And again though this is very rare I have seen it happen personally. I had a friend, I lost track of her unfortunately but there are other documented cases besides hers, who was nearly blind in one eye and had limited vision in the other and she also required leg braces to walk. Then one day she said she woke up and felt different but she couldn’t put her finger on just what the meant. Two weeks after that she was in a complete remission. Her eye sight in both eyes returned to twenty/twenty. She no longer had any problem with walking and didn’t require the braces. And finally she said that all of the numbness that she had lived with for fourteen years was suddenly and thankfully gone. This more than anything else is what gives me hope that we will all one day be at least symptom free from MS even if we might still have the disease. Maybe we just need to find the right combination to turn it off?
But how did her remission come about? Did her body at some point start to remove these heavy metals, assuming that I’m right on this, causing her body to be able to repair the damage to the Myelin Sheathing, which the body can do if it has enough time, to the point where the electrical flow along her nervous system was completely restored? Or did her body start to remove these heavy metals causing her body to stop any further damage allowing all of the inflammation throughout her nervous system to subside and thus returning normal, or more normal, electrical flow throughout her body? Obviously I can’t be sure, but one of these two outcomes is what makes the most sense to me.

The 50/50 Pregnancy Solution

28517_1456345254522_1410083130_31187862_7476826_n Who ever decided that it was proper for a woman’s insurance company, or the woman herself, to have to pay the entire expense of getting pregnant, especially when it’s out of wedlock? Since it definitely takes two to tango, shouldn’t both the male and female’s health insurance be equally responsible for sharing the cost of procreation? Maybe this is why many men feel that they get a free ride when it comes to sexual relationships? And also why they feel they shouldn’t have to share in any of the consequences.
It’s time for this discussion. And it’s time for a change of thinking. I call this, “The 50/50 pregnancy solution.”




Me (Bill) having way to much fun at work!

     This blog is primarily for writers that are new to blogging who may or may not understand the significance of Gravatar and what it can do to drive readers to your blog. First though let me state that I am not a Gravatar expert by any means. I even had to Google it to find out that its primary purpose is to act as a spam blocker to your blog site so you don’t get inundated with spam off the web in your comments section.

     However, Gravatar also serves another extremely important function.  And I can’t tell you just how frustrating it is to read your Gravatar comments about yourself and all the great things you want to say and share with me in your blog, only to find out when I open to your Gravatar page, after clicking on your picture, that you didn’t provide a link to get to your blogGravatar is like the front door for me to come straight through to find you.  It’s nothing less then the gateway to navigate around the blogesphere.  It makes you visible to the world so you can be heard and I assume that you do want to be heard or you wouldn’t be writing.

     This, if you don’t already know, is how you add a link to your Gravatar page that leads me to your blog!

1.     Go up to the right hand corner of your Gravatar page where it says my account and click on it.

2.     Click on where it says, Go to my profile.

3.     Then look for and click on where it says, My links.

4.     Look where it says, Link URL.  Put in your blog site URL which is the web address at the top of your blog home page.

5.     This is an Example of mine:

6.     The http:// part of the address is already there.

7.     It should look like this when you’re done:

8.     Then where it says blog title put in your title. Mine is: visusunoorca  (Which is also part of my blog address but it doesn’t have to be.)

9.     Go to the Add button just to the right of this and click on it.

10.    You now have a link that will bring me straight to your page.


     Happy Blogging!


PS. I can’t wait to read about what matters to you.

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